Blaugrana Ceramics is a family run business that has been established in 2012 in Mgarr, Malta. The owner Johann Said specialising in tiling laying started his business at a very young age which then decided to form the company with the help of his sister Lorain Said. The company has been importing ceramic tiles since 2007 which had a small store to sell tiles for clients, but as the clients were getting bigger in number the company took the opportunity to invest in their new showroom in Mgarr.

The company expanded the importation of leading companies with other Spanish brands like Armonie, Bongress Ceramice and Elios, and also from Italy with the intentions of expanding the importation in the near future.

Bluagrana Ceramics started importing exclusive ceramic tiles from manufacturers in Barcelona, The company came across the idea of Blaugrana as the name of the company which means Blue and Red in Spanish which is well known in Spain as the colors of Barcelona.